Competitive Edges



  • - A financially and industrially sound company with a 70-year history of success.
  • - High industrial installed capacity of 800,000 tons. of annual production for an on time, quality response.
  • - Strict quality and efficiency policy throughout manufacturing and management chains.
  • - Customized products strictly true to technical specifications.
  • - Different manufacturing systems to ensure project feasibility (ERW, LSAW, SAWH).
  • - In-house high tech metallurgical labs.
  • - Quality testing to meet the highest specs in our field.
  • - Internationally certified (API, ISO-9001 and ISO-9002)
  • - ERW welding for 36-inch pipe, unique in the world.
  • - Quick-Thread™ fittings to save time and effort when pipelines are installed.
  • - Extensive storage and shipment facilities owned by the company.
  • - Strategically located plants with ready access to border crossings.
  • - A large client portfolio and significant successful projects vouch for our quality and solvency.








Social Responsability

modulo-resp-socThe nature of the processes and products that are handled themselves makes environmentally friendly. 

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